The Dalelands

Unheeded Warnings. Shadow and Magic.
Ravlox imprisoned. Breakfast breakout.

The party camp for the night five hours outside of Daggerfalls.


Ravlox the Mercenary; Isdareth the Negotiator
A hold up on the road.

While travelling back to Daggerfalls, the party encounter a Half-Elf named Ravlox holding a kneeling Xeet hostage in the centre of the trail. Annodella’s hound ‘Minster barks a warning but it’s too late and the party is surrounded by archers.

Leopold and Natorio are brought out from behind a rock bound and under guard.

Ravlox: “You have an item I require. Give it to me or he dies.”

Isdareth calmly walks forward while Ravlox demands your obedience. Annodella and Raygar play for more time, inching forward.

Ravlox raises a sword above his head ready to deal a killing blow. Vellios draws his wand in a flash and fires a ray of frost, narrowly missing Ravlox as he dives for cover dropping the sword.

Chaos erupts and soon the tables have turned on the bandits. Ravlox is an unconcious captive along with two remaining members of his company. All others were slain except one which fled for his life.

The party learns that Inbor and Berrick died reppling the inital bandit attack on the way back to town., Xeet had killed nearly a dozen of them before he was brought down. Two of the farmer peasants caught stray arrows in the ambush.

The surviving companions begin their trip back to Daggerfalls. They are Raygar, Annodella, Vellios, Isdareth, Karnag, Xeet, Leopold, Natorio and three Daggerdale farmers.

Shaman, the mine, and Gort.

The party defeat a goblin shaman and discover some dwarven treasure. They find their way into a collapsed and sealed part of the mine through a secret door. After dealing with giant flying insects they discover the mining tunnels of Tethyamar.

They leave the giant underground chasm and head to an unexplored room. Raygar prays for guidance and finds Gorts room while the rest of the party explore a hidden passageway.

Gort is revealed to be Dirt, the mutilated Goblin. Gort raves about the ring and the curse of wearing it. He’s attempted to remove his fingers to be rid of the ring. He then tells Raygar that he has called him hear as he wanted his strength.

The rest of the party sneak into the room and a fight breaks out. Gort is slain but soon rises twisted and more grotesque. He is changing into something dark and evil when he is finally completely vanquished. His remains bubble into a pool of ooze.

Annodella puts the ring in the treasure chest and the party leave. But not before checking out the level bellow and a large green tentacled caterpillar slug beast. With the monstrosity dead they dig their way out immediately and leave with a diary of Gort’s in their possession.

Prinsoners, Worgs, Chefs and Bugbears.
The party discovers a cage and fights their way to the kitchen.

Leopold the Kobold Bard and Natorio the Human Illusionist along with some farmer peasants are discovered in a cage. The party frees them and kills the guards along with a Worg.

Xeet, Inbor an Berrick decide to escort the prisoners to safety while Karnag continues on with the adventurers to seek out Gort. They instead find the kitchen kill cleaver wielding Hobgoblins and Goblins.

Next they end up in hallway t-intersection where they surprise and kill a goblin. Two bugbears flank them when one gets the drop on Annodella in panther form. The party is injured but the bugbears under their blades.

Goblins in Tethyamar
Gort's Lair

Before leaving daggerfalls the party recruits Xeet a scarred human warrior and Karnag a heavily armoured human fighter. Inbor and Berrick, two guards, travel with them also.

Tethyamar is the ancient dwarven mining city located in the Desertsmouth mountains.

The party travels here in search of the goblin lair.

Near it’s entrance the party encounter a group of goblins attacking a single injured goblin. A hobgoblin charges down from higher up the mountain and attacks the goblins. The party is spotted spying on them and the goblins and hobgoblin unite. The party kills all of the creatures and encounters an injured goblin calling himself ‘Dirt’ (in goblin tongue).

The party let him live once he gives some information including the exact location of the lair and any details on Gort and his numbers. He also tells them of a hidden side entrance into the lair.

The party enters the mines of Thethyamar. They defeat the goblins on guard duty and many more that were alerted to the sounds of the battle. Soon after they discover a scratched door with light leaking out beneath it. They open it to find two firebeatles within a small living quarters. Two dead bugs later and all is quiet… until the sound of a male singing voice echoes from deeper inside the mine.

Meet Merrick, the Guard Captain. Gain a furry companion.

Upon arriving at Daggerfalls the party meet the guard captain Merrick.

They learn of farmers going missing and livestock taken with mutilated remains left behind.

They head out and come across a wild pack of dogs. Without an investigation or communication the party attacks the wild beasts. One escapes back to it’s den and the party corner and kill the majority of them.

Annodella the druid remembers that perhaps she could talk to these animals and find out why they are eating livestock. With a speak with animals spell she discovers that something fitting the description of goblins or kobolds have swept the land near the mountains clear of wild game and the dogs escaped out of the area in fear of being eaten themselves. They hunted ate the livestock to survive. Some of the pack came from local farms and became wild after the owners were taken away.

The party returns to town with the news and a few new furry companions in tow. The largest of the dogs sticks with Annodella, which she nicknames Elminster.

To Shadowdale
The party forms, and answers Elminsters call.

The party forms in Mystledale and travels north to Shadowdale, adding Isdareth the Half-Orc to their group along the way.

At Shadowdale they meet Elminster who sends them to Daggerfalls to deal with whatever is causing people to go missing.


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