The Dalelands


Meet Merrick, the Guard Captain. Gain a furry companion.

Upon arriving at Daggerfalls the party meet the guard captain Merrick.

They learn of farmers going missing and livestock taken with mutilated remains left behind.

They head out and come across a wild pack of dogs. Without an investigation or communication the party attacks the wild beasts. One escapes back to it’s den and the party corner and kill the majority of them.

Annodella the druid remembers that perhaps she could talk to these animals and find out why they are eating livestock. With a speak with animals spell she discovers that something fitting the description of goblins or kobolds have swept the land near the mountains clear of wild game and the dogs escaped out of the area in fear of being eaten themselves. They hunted ate the livestock to survive. Some of the pack came from local farms and became wild after the owners were taken away.

The party returns to town with the news and a few new furry companions in tow. The largest of the dogs sticks with Annodella, which she nicknames Elminster.



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