The Dalelands

Goblins in Tethyamar

Gort's Lair

Before leaving daggerfalls the party recruits Xeet a scarred human warrior and Karnag a heavily armoured human fighter. Inbor and Berrick, two guards, travel with them also.

Tethyamar is the ancient dwarven mining city located in the Desertsmouth mountains.

The party travels here in search of the goblin lair.

Near it’s entrance the party encounter a group of goblins attacking a single injured goblin. A hobgoblin charges down from higher up the mountain and attacks the goblins. The party is spotted spying on them and the goblins and hobgoblin unite. The party kills all of the creatures and encounters an injured goblin calling himself ‘Dirt’ (in goblin tongue).

The party let him live once he gives some information including the exact location of the lair and any details on Gort and his numbers. He also tells them of a hidden side entrance into the lair.

The party enters the mines of Thethyamar. They defeat the goblins on guard duty and many more that were alerted to the sounds of the battle. Soon after they discover a scratched door with light leaking out beneath it. They open it to find two firebeatles within a small living quarters. Two dead bugs later and all is quiet… until the sound of a male singing voice echoes from deeper inside the mine.



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