The Dalelands

Prinsoners, Worgs, Chefs and Bugbears.

The party discovers a cage and fights their way to the kitchen.

Leopold the Kobold Bard and Natorio the Human Illusionist along with some farmer peasants are discovered in a cage. The party frees them and kills the guards along with a Worg.

Xeet, Inbor an Berrick decide to escort the prisoners to safety while Karnag continues on with the adventurers to seek out Gort. They instead find the kitchen kill cleaver wielding Hobgoblins and Goblins.

Next they end up in hallway t-intersection where they surprise and kill a goblin. Two bugbears flank them when one gets the drop on Annodella in panther form. The party is injured but the bugbears under their blades.



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