A sly half-elf, perhaps a mercenary


He wears a grey cape and once wielded an exotic appearing long and short sword until he was re-leaved of them. He has short brown hair and a pinched brow with eyes set close together.


He acted on behalf of a someone named Quormir. Apparently spying on and then seeking out the adventurers. He demanded they give me a magic ring they had found on Gort, the goblin king. Threating to kill a companion of theirs having already fought and killed members of the town guard, he was quickly subdued and his own band of thugs were dispatched.

Afterwards he was turned into the daggerfall authorities for a short lived stay in a cell. The following morning a dark shadow passed over the town and three figured wielding magic broke him free and killed nearly all witnesses including the two of Quormirs last remaining mercenary’s.


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