The Dalelands

Shaman, the mine, and Gort.

The party defeat a goblin shaman and discover some dwarven treasure. They find their way into a collapsed and sealed part of the mine through a secret door. After dealing with giant flying insects they discover the mining tunnels of Tethyamar.

They leave the giant underground chasm and head to an unexplored room. Raygar prays for guidance and finds Gorts room while the rest of the party explore a hidden passageway.

Gort is revealed to be Dirt, the mutilated Goblin. Gort raves about the ring and the curse of wearing it. He’s attempted to remove his fingers to be rid of the ring. He then tells Raygar that he has called him hear as he wanted his strength.

The rest of the party sneak into the room and a fight breaks out. Gort is slain but soon rises twisted and more grotesque. He is changing into something dark and evil when he is finally completely vanquished. His remains bubble into a pool of ooze.

Annodella puts the ring in the treasure chest and the party leave. But not before checking out the level bellow and a large green tentacled caterpillar slug beast. With the monstrosity dead they dig their way out immediately and leave with a diary of Gort’s in their possession.



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