The Dalelands

Ravlox the Mercenary; Isdareth the Negotiator

A hold up on the road.

While travelling back to Daggerfalls, the party encounter a Half-Elf named Ravlox holding a kneeling Xeet hostage in the centre of the trail. Annodella’s hound ‘Minster barks a warning but it’s too late and the party is surrounded by archers.

Leopold and Natorio are brought out from behind a rock bound and under guard.

Ravlox: “You have an item I require. Give it to me or he dies.”

Isdareth calmly walks forward while Ravlox demands your obedience. Annodella and Raygar play for more time, inching forward.

Ravlox raises a sword above his head ready to deal a killing blow. Vellios draws his wand in a flash and fires a ray of frost, narrowly missing Ravlox as he dives for cover dropping the sword.

Chaos erupts and soon the tables have turned on the bandits. Ravlox is an unconcious captive along with two remaining members of his company. All others were slain except one which fled for his life.

The party learns that Inbor and Berrick died reppling the inital bandit attack on the way back to town., Xeet had killed nearly a dozen of them before he was brought down. Two of the farmer peasants caught stray arrows in the ambush.

The surviving companions begin their trip back to Daggerfalls. They are Raygar, Annodella, Vellios, Isdareth, Karnag, Xeet, Leopold, Natorio and three Daggerdale farmers.



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